Stepping off

Among the Things That Living Around Cancer Has Taught Me

(no… don’t flinch. It’s not gross or sad. And hopefully not overly sweet.)


Will Smith stopped speaking a few words too soon when he said,

“The first step is that you have to say you can.”

First steps are scary, almost by definition. What he should have said was:

“The first step is that you have to say
that you can take that first step.”

Keep the faith!
 – Amen




How Dare You? – a prayer

Almost without exception, when anyone says to us, “How dare you!” that’s not a question. It’s a statement because they are mad and upset about something we have done that is most likely an insult or a hurt to them.

What if it comes to you as a question from sincere curiosity?

If Christ tells folks to “Dare to make a gift,” what does that mean? Are we putting our lives on the line as the early church did? Are we making our stand-up to those who are against us? Are we making a bet with ourselves that whatever is on the other side of our gifting is better than what is on this side?

What if it means that Christ is instructing followers to be radical … to announce with loud clanging cymbals (Psalm 150:5) and to be exuberant in spreading the gospel of love and peace, in a world that mis-speaks Jesus in spreading a nasty stew of hate, confusion, and exclusion, all in Christ’s name?

Haters are gonna hate.

If you don’t like (some)  Christians and the bad things they have done in the past and continue to do on into the future, that’s ok. These bad and exclusionary people got the whole Christian message wrong, and you may be measuring the entire planet by looking only at the darker side.

If you are a Christian and are in your heart-of-hearts hope that you are doing your best with this idea of radical welcome, and it hurts you that others out there (even other Christian groups) don’t like you: Dare. Dare to keep going, improve, and be what it is that we are taught to be Act the way we are taught to behave to show forth the Kingdom of God all around us.

Christians: don’t be greedy with the love message of the Gospels. If you want to see the love of God around you, keep in mind that there is a lot more out there than there is in here. Extend beyond the four walls of the church-house, and beyond the walls around your own heart.

To my friends who disagree I apologize if you are offended by my “sanctimonious” actions. Everybody does what they do to get through the day, and the week, and the lifetime. Believe what you believe and it does me no harm at all.

I simply chose Jesus.
Results will vary.

Keep the faith!

Jesus our peace,
To each of us you say:
“Come follow me.
Follow me not just in an instant,
but in the faithfulness
of an entire lifetime.”

And then, your call grows clearer:
“I, Christ, pray in you.
Dare to make a gift
of your life.”

– Amen