Trusting God when it seems as if that’s the tough thing to do

The Psalmist tells us that some trust in chariots and some in horses. (Ps 20:7) He then goes on to tell us to instead trust God.

Consider today where you put your trust. Is it the car, the engine, or the freeway?

There is no pop quiz later.

(O, LORD,)

Help me to trust you
with every worry and concern that I have.
 – Amen


“Cast all your cares on him; for he cares for you.”
– 1 Peter 5:7

Keep the faith!
 – Namaste

A Prayer for Sleep

O heavenly father,
you give your children sleep
for the refreshing of soul and body:

Grant me this gift, I pray;
keep me in that perfect peace
which you have promised
to those whose minds are fixed on  you;

and give me such a sense of your presence,
that in the hours of silence
I may enjoy the blessed assurance
of your love;

through Jesus Christ our Savior.
 – Amen


(The Book of Common Prayer)


Praying from expectation

Be careful what you pray for…” folks tell you. The addition to that wisdom is to be careful how you pray for what you pray for.

One bad habit I hear in folks’ out-loud prayers is that they are full of demands: God give us this thing over here… grant us this other thing over there… and be sure and give yet another to this person over there….Cure this… Pay for that … Do the near-impossible while I stand around and watch…

That’s not a prayer. That’s a shopping list.

Praying is about being open: open mind, open heart, open soul. “Here is what I/we/they need, LORD,” we pray, “could you give us the discernment/the peace/the wherewithal to figure this thing out and to take action to get what we need, in communion with you?”

Praying always works best when we’re not holding God hostage: “Give me this or obviously you don’t care about me, and I’ll leave you.” If that’s the way you see prayers working – as a constant test to the realness of God – you may as well just quit now.

Sooner or later, the Universe will call your bluff.

(Lord God),
I expect great things of you.

Help me to attempt and accomplish
great things for you.


– Keep the faith!