Morning Prayer – Praying for Sobriety

This is a prayer from the website Beliefnet, for sobriety.

Besides the theme and message of the prayer, and how utterly concise it is, I also liked the beautiful walking cadence of the words.

I’ve kept the words original to the prayer found here, and added in “breathing points” that I would use with this one, as if doing in the style of praying the psalms.  Each breath point below is marked with an asterisk  “*” so that would be the point that the reader / pray-er would pause for a beat, breathe in, and continue.

This is a means of driving the words of the prayer home to yourself, and to slowww your brain to what you are saying so that it is not just another reading or recitation, and that the words are more than just words:


A Prayer for Sobriety

Dear God,
Thank you for this day.  *


Help me to stay clean and sober, *

just for this day.


Help me to recognize your hand  *

in all things.


Thank you for the blessings I understand *

and the ones I don’t.


Thank you for the miracles I see *

and the ones I don’t.


Thank you for your spirit *  who always abides in me.


I ask that I may be with your spirit today.


Cleanse my mind of all darkness  *

and fill it with love and light.


Let me be o.k. with this day *

no matter what it brings.


Thank you for everything that’s in my life  *

and everything that’s not.


Beliefnet member dorjem



In your prayers and meditiations today, think on the miracles in your life that happen all around you, that you are too busy… to stressed… too slack… too.. whatever… to see.


Thank your Maker for them anyway.


Even, as the contributor says, for the blessings that are not, today, in your life.

Remember to breathe at the ends of the lines, and…


Keep the faith!

 – Amen

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